Lined Up: Product Development Talks Liner

Our 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils are creamy, waterproof and award-winning.  With an insane range of shades, there’s a little something for everyone.  Today, our PD team shares their favorites with you and why.

Wende:  Deep End & Zero

"I like to use Deep End to line my lower lashes to make my eyes appear bigger, and Zero is the long-wearing, super black staple to the perfect smoky eye."

Veronica:  Zero & Vice

"Zero is the perfect shade of black for my everyday look, and I love the deepness of the purple of Vice, giving me that extra sparkle with the shimmer."

Tiffany:  Sabbath & Black Velvet

"I love the way Sabbath makes my brown eyes pop, and Black Velvet is absolutely perfect for a smoky eye with or without eyeshadow!

Hayley:  Invasion & Whiskey

“I love the deep forest green of Invasion, it adds a little something extra to my neutral look.  Whiskey is my everyday eyeliner!  It’s the best warm brown shade and makes my blue eyes stand out.”

Amy:  Smoke & Psychedelic Sister

“I love using Smoke for any daytime look, smoky eye and it’s even neutral enough to wear underneath my eyeshadow!  Psychedelic Sister is my go-to for a pop of color.  I never travel without it.”

Lyndsey:  Deep End & Junkie

"I love the bright blue/green of Deep End with my eye color.  The pencil surprisingly goes with many eyeshadow colors.  Junkie is deep enough to line your entire eye for an intense smoky eye.  I also love the sparkle!


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